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How to get TAs involved in Evisense

A quick video looking at the reasons to get TAs involved using Evisense in school. [...]

Digital e-portfolio learning journal for schools

What is Evisense? Watch this short video to see how Evisense creates an ePortfolio to [...]

Using Evisense’s Secure Quick Camera Mode

This video explains what the Secure Quick Camera mode is, why it is important and [...]

Parents – Adding Evidence to Evisense Using the App

A quick video showing how parents can add evidence to Evisense using the Evisense app

First Steps with Evisense for Parents

A quick video showing how parents get started with Evisense

A Guide for Parents on Using Evisense

An overview of Evisense for parents, that they can use the website or app, they [...]

A Guide for Schools on Parental Access

Evisense allows schools to easily and securely share evidence of learning with parents. This guide [...]

Our new App is here! What’s new?…..EVERYTHING!!

We’ve been listening to our customers’ feedback and continuing to evolve Evisense to make it [...]

How to Spend School Budgets but Save Money (Over £800/year!)

School budgets are being squeezed relentlessly. The National Education Union showed 94% of 1,800 school [...]