Tell the Story with Evidence

Evidence tells you so much more than a graph or a number, it tells the story of how it happened. Make your evidence more powerful to help tell your student’s story.

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Easy to Use Evidence System

Evisense needs to be easy to use, staff need something they can pick up and use quickly. Evisense helps you do more with your time. Instead of just taking a photo with a camera or the camera app on a tablet, taking a photo in Evisense immediately uploads it.

There is an Evisense app for iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android phones and tablets and Amazon Fire devices. You can also use Evisense through the Evisense website or through Connecting Steps

No need to invest in additional hardware, schools can use existing mobile devices or digital cameras to capture evidence of learning and upload to Evisense.

Photos, videos, audio, PDFs or written observations can all be easily captured, annotated and shared using Evisense.

Using the Evisense app, take photos or record video in the moment. You can add the other information later, when you have time!

If you can use Facebook, you can use Evisense. It’s that simple!It is quick and easy for staff and parents to learn how to use

Multiple teachers can contribute to a child’s story, giving a full picture of their achievements, so it’s easy to see the steps along the way.

The Evisense app allows fast switching between users. This means a single iPad can be shared by multiple people in the classroom easily.

Reports can be shared electronically including secure access to photo/video evidence of learning to bring students’ achievements to life.

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Why not book a FREE online meeting to learn about all the features and security in Evisense.

Safe and Secure Evidence Platform

It is important that data is kept safe and secure. Evisense is GDPR compliant, but this is only the start of the security of Evisense and how we protect you and your data.

Evidence is captured and stored securely inside the Evisense app. The evidence does not appear in the camera roll and cannot be accessed outside the app. Once uploaded it is removed from the device.

Our mobile device restrictions mean all mobile devices have to be authorised by an administrator before they can log in. Authorisation can be removed when a device is no longer in use at school.

Legal obligations are now in force for Data Processors (companies like B Squared), who process data on behalf of Data Controllers (schools). B Squared is fully GDPR compliant.

Photo and video evidence is encrypted at the point of capture, in the Evisense app. Only personnel authorised by your school have access to your school’s evidence.

Schools can manage students, groups and users and the various options from our secure and easy to use MyBSquared Portal. If your school is already using Connecting Steps, you are 99% of the way there already!

Within the school there are multiple user levels. Students, Parents, Teaching Assistants, Teachers and Administrators have different access levels and can do different things

With students and parents adding evidence, it is important to manage your evidence easily. Anyone can ‘report’ a post and it is immediately removed from sight. It can then be reviewed to decide on the correct course of action.

All uploads, downloads and views are recorded. Schools can track all users’ activity including views and downloads for auditing purposes, ensuring schools remain compliant with data protection laws.

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Easy to Share Evidence with Parents

Evidence is a great way to share information with parents, it helps parents see the different opportunities their child has and they get to see their child’s achievements, however big or small. Evisense makes sharing evidence with parents easy, but also secure.

It takes seconds to share evidence with parents. Evisense can notify parents when you have shared evidence with them. Parents can use the Evisense app to engage with their child’s learning.

Photo and video evidence can be used to show a student’s achievements. Seeing what a child has achieved really brings their successes to life. It helps to demonstrate a child’s progress to their parents in a relevant and meaningful way.

evidence of learning app

Schools are free to decide what levels of access to provide to parents. Schools can allow parents to comment on evidence or even add their own evidence, to demonstrate the student’s achievements at home.

Parents and Guardians are linked directly to students, this means that when a parent logs into Evisense they can only access their own child’s evidence of learning.

Parents will only see their child’s evidence, but they don’t have to see everything. Teachers can choose which pieces of evidence to share with parents

Evisense has the ability to prevent evidence being seen by other parents in group photos if the child is marked as being on the Child Protection List. This can also be used with parents who don’t want their child’s photo being seen.

Get More out of evisense

Here are some ways you can use Evisense in your school. Evidence can be extremely powerful if used correctly

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Want to find out more about EVISENSE?

Why not book a FREE online meeting to learn about all the features and security in Evisense.

Improve Your Assessment Process using Evidence

The traditional way of sharing assessment information with parents as a value or a rating at the end of the year doesn’t tell the parent much about their child’s learning. For pupils with SEND a wide range of skills they are working on are not covered by typical assessment processes. This is one of the ways that evidence can support the assessment process.

Seeing is believing. Photo and videos are great evidence of learning as they can show the small steps of progress.

Connecting Steps from B Squared is a great partner to Evisense. Markers in Connecting Steps highlight the assessment points a pupil has evidence linked to. Teachers are able to view the evidence inside of Connecting Steps.

Evidence can be linked to a variety of additional areas including EHCP targets, IEP targets, four broad areas of need, characteristics of effective learning, the 4 capacities of learning (Scotland) and the 4 purposes of learning (Wales). Teachers can then use these to filter evidence.

Evisense can be used to enhance communication with parents. Schools can share photos and videos through Evisense. This rich media tells a much stronger story than a graph or a written report.

Teachers can quickly and easily view work of a similar ability, make comparisons and use evidence to support their academic judgements. Evisense enables schools to develop a bank of evidence to use for moderation.

Evisense can be used to demonstrate broader achievements such as personal growth and the development of skills for life. Schools can also use input from speech and language therapists or other specialists and from home to show the bigger picture.