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Use evidence of learning to demonstrate the smallest steps of progress for academic and wider achievements. The new Curriculum for Wales wants all children to have an e-portfolio as a way of demonstrating the progress pupils have made as well as all the experiences they have had. Evisense is an ideal candidate as it links directly to our new assessment frameworks for the 2022 Curriculum for Wales

How does Evisense Work?

Evisense is really easy to use in the classroom. There are apps for most devices, they make capturing the evidence in the middle of the lesson really quick and easy. Once you have taken the photo or recorded a video, it is automatically uploaded.

You can come back later using the app or the website, to write your observation link the evidence to assessment criteria or link the evidence to the four capacities or the SHANARRI indicators.

Want to find out more about EVISENSE?

Book a FREE online meeting to learn about all the features and security in Evisense.


It has to be simple

Evidence is an important part of school life. For years schools have been recording notes on post-it notes or taking photos, printing them out and writing observations. It is important to evidence the different experiences your childen have. Evisense makes the process simpler, more powerful and more effective. Evidence can be captured in the moment and automatically uploaded to our servers.

There is no need to download photos from mobile devices. You don’t need to rename photos to make finding photos easier. There is no need to worry about filling up your hard disks. Evisense takes care of it all .

Adding the observations, linking the evidence to a child and deciding who can see the evidence is like writing a post on social media. Then you can link to assessment criteria, GIRFEC and the SHENARRI indicators. It is quick and easy. Once you hit ‘Post’, there is nothing left to do.


Do more with your evidence

The welsh government wants e-portfolios to encourage students to take a greater responsibility for their own learning.

Evisense lets teachers, students and parents all contribute to a student’s e-portfolio. This gives a holistic view of a students learning and a chance for pupils to reflect on their learning. This should lead to pupils achievements being recognised both academically and the wider achievements. 

Evisense manages this process easily and give schools tools to control the content that is added.

The new four purposes will be at the heart of our new curriculum. They are the starting point for all decisions on the content and experiences developed as part of the curriculum. More than that, they are designed to influence how practitioners plan, teach and assess.

Evisense lets teachers link evidence to the four purposes so that they can show how they have supported their students  in these areas and demonstrate the oppportunities the school has given their pupils.


More meaningful communication with parents

Wales is the first country in the UK to really push e-portfolios. For pupils with ALN it will help demonstrate the progress they are making. For pupils with ALN school and learning is different in lots of different ways. They often make less progress and the progress they do make is often spiky. There is lots going on and lots to tell parents about.

Parents need to receive information that make sense. It needs to help parents understand where their child is making progress and where they aren’t. It also needs to let them know how their child has been supported and the different experiences they have had. To cover it all in a written report would take a lot of time and without various diagrams or graphs (which would need to be created), it would be difficult to convey a simple overview.

Sharing the evidence you collect in school with parents make things simple and clear. Parents can see what their child is doing, what they are working towards and what amazing things their child has achieved. By allowing students and parents to contribute, schools will be able to see the experiences the pupil has outside of school and what they can do at home.

Scotland is using a similar approach to Wales, but with more emphasis on e-portfolios. Some schools in Scotland have been using Evisense with parents for over 3 years. One of our schools is now using ‘Live Reporting’, where the parents can see where their children are up to throughout the year. This isn’t daily updating, but it means parents can log into Evisense at various points in the year to see what their child has been doing in school.

Evisense makes communicating with parents simpler.

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holistic assessment for pupils with special educational needs and disability (SEND)

Pupils with SEND are supported to develop a wide range of skills, across the four broad areas of need. There often isn’t an assessment tool to measure the progress the pupil is making. Evidence can be used to show the progress being made towards a range of outcomes.

Want to find out more about EVISENSE?

Book a FREE online meeting to learn about all the features and security in Evisense.