Introduction to the new and improved Evisense

Our new and improved Evisense is so much more than an evidence of learning system…
…it’s a full communication hub for parents and schools!

Our NEW Evisense includes a long list of great new features to help your school capture and share the progress your pupils make. Evisense can also help simplify your communication with pupils, parents and external professionals. Watch our FREE webinar to find out how quick and easy it is to use Evisense as your school communication hub.

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What is Evisense?

Watch this 45-second video to see how Evisense makes teachers’ lives easier, saves time and securely stores digital evidence of achievements to ‘Tell the story’ of a child’s learning journey.

What Our Customers Say…

“We can now easily store, filter and use photos and videos of our students’ learning to show achievement and progress in a relevant and meaningful way”

“Evisense enables us to store evidence securely, share good practice, improve our whole school approach to assessment and track evidence against assessment outcomes.”

“Using Evisense teachers can literally ‘see’ students making progress captured as videos and photos. This evidence of learning informs our formal assessment and future planning.”

“I am loving the new app! Before Evisense, evidence was static. It sat in a folder. I felt frustrated by the process of printing and gluing and collating. It was costly and not time efficient.”

Want to try EVISENSE for free?

If you would like to try Evisense, click on the button request a FREE 3 month trial.

Keep evidence organised

Be in charge of your evidence

Evisense makes not only capturing evidence easy, but also organising it and storing it.

Evidence is linked to students, linked to assessments”, linked to IEPs, EHCPs and many other areas. You can sort and filter the evidence in lots of ways.

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Share your evidence with parents

A picture is a thousand words, a video is worth 1.8 million words. Sharing evidence with parents helps parents see what their children are doing in school and helps build stronger links between school and home.

Parents can use the evidence to help extend the learning at home. They can also share evidence with school.

Easy to Share
Share evidence of learning with parents

Want to find out more about EVISENSE?

Why not book a FREE online meeting to learn about all the features and security in Evisense.

Do the math.

Evisense is designed to not only make teachers lives easier, but to save schools money. If a school with 200 students, takes 1 photo per child per week, they could save over £800 by using Evisense!


Glue Sticks


Printing Costs


Staff Time


Total Cost


Evisense Annual Cost



Saving each year compared to paper!

Do you want to link your evidence to your assessments?

You can with B Squared’s Connecting Steps assessment software!

Connecting Steps assessment software covers a range of curriculums including EYFS, SEND, the primary curriculum, functional skills, life skills and employability skills.

Evisense and Connecting Steps work together. They share users, groups and students making it easier to manage. In Connecting Steps you can see which skills have evidence linked to them, as well as viewing evidence linked with subjects, attainment levels and assessment points. For more information about Connecting Steps please visit the B Squared website…

Collect evidence on multiple devices
Live SEND expert training sessions