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evidence progress pupils with SEND

Special Needs (SEND)

Holistic assessment for pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disability

Pupils with SEND are supported to develop a wide range of skills, across the four broad areas of need.  Evidence can be used to show the progress being made towards a range of outcomes.

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EYFS children sitting at tables

Early Years (EYFS 2021)

Early years settings and child minders demonstrating progress

With Evisense, in a few clicks you can show all the evidence linked to one of the characteristics of effective learning. If you are in a nursery or other setting with multiple staff, everyone can contribute and give a holistic view of the child’s time with you. 

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Primary school


Showing progress for all pupils

Capture and share the progress your pupils make. Evisense can also simplify your communication with pupils, parents and external professionals, making it a great way to boost parental engagement and improve pupil outcomes.

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Link evidence to the four capacities or the SHANARRI indicators

Use evidence to ask questions about how you are supporting pupils across the four capacities (Scotland) or GIRFEC or use Evisense to collate and print evidence for SQA National 1 to 4. Evisense allows you to collate and view evidence across the whole school easily.

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An e-portfolio to demonstrate progress for all pupils

Evisense lets teachers link evidence to the four purposes so that they can show how they have supported their students  in these areas and demonstrate the oppportunities the school has given their pupils.

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Evisense is simple and affordable

Evisense is an ideal digital early learning journal. It ticks the box when it comes to GDPR compliant. It starts at only £50 a year for 5 children. You can give parents access to the journal, they can comment and they can optionally contribute.

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