A Powerful Parental Communication Tool for Schools 

Evisense is more than just a tool for collecting and sharing evidence for learning. Evisense is a powerful school-parent communication hub. Featuring a simple, easy to use social media style interface, Evisense is a great way to boost parental engagement to improve pupil outcomes.

Quick and Easy Communication

Staff, students and parents can use the website or the Evisense app to create posts or respond to posts. Schools have lots of control around how they will use Evisense, which of the many features they will implement and what access they will give to parents.

Evisense features multiple post types to help organise and streamline communication. Users can view all the different posts types together in their feed or filter to a specific post type to find the information they want.

“Using Evisense photos and videos of the children’s progress can be easily and securely shared with parents. This really helps to engage parents in what’s going on at school and supporting their child’s learning at home.”

Laura Reid, Acting Principal Teacher – St Martin’s Primary

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Organise Your Communication

There are lots of different post types to choose from in Evisense to help organise and streamline your communication with parents. These include:


Evidence of learning, capture evidence of attainment and link to skills from our paid for or FREE assessment content (assessment tracking features require an active Connecting Steps subscription).

Learning Opportunities

Share opportunities to learn with others. This could be a speech and language therapist sharing with teachers and parents what they need to give opportunities to practice.

Reading Diary

Share where the children are up to with their reading. Using our structured post feature, users are prompted to record the book the child is reading, the page and any comments.

Pupil Voice

Capture the pupil’s voice through audio, video or text, and keep a record of how it changes over time. This can be by the student themselves or supported by the school.

Wow Moments

Share those wow moments that happen in school with parents. It could be an award, an event or something that just happens.

Home School Diary

Share information between school and home instantly and discuss how to meet the pupil’s needs quickly and easily.

The NEW version of Evisense is here

Watch this video to find out about the 11 BIGGEST new features in the NEW Evisense, including:

  • Improved performance
  • Easier to use interface
  • Upload multiple photos and videos into one post
  • Photo blurring so you can blur out faces of children in the background
  • Camera roll access to Evisense
  • And so much more
Simplify home school communication

How can Evisense can help improve pupil outcomes in your setting?

Evisense is ideal for use in Primary, Secondary and Specialist settings. It can also be used by Colleges, Alternative Resource Provisions, Resource Bases, Independent settings and Support and Therapy Providers.

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Do you want to link your evidence to your assessments?

You can with B Squared’s Connecting Steps assessment software!

Connecting Steps assessment software covers a range of curriculums including EYFS, SEND, the primary curriculum, functional skills, life skills and employability skills.

Evisense and Connecting Steps work together. They share users, groups and students making it easier to manage. In Connecting Steps you can see which skills have evidence linked to them, as well as viewing evidence linked with subjects, attainment levels and assessment points.

Find out more about the different assessment frameworks available within Connecting Steps and Evisense.

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Linking evidence to assessments

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