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Evisense is simple and affordable

Evisense is an ideal digital early learning journal. It ticks the box when it comes to GDPR compliant. It starts at only £50 a year for 5 children. You can give parents access to the journal, they can comment and they can optionally contribute.

How does Evisense Work?

Evisense is really simple, we have made it feel like using social media, but it is completely secure. In our Evisense app we have added a big camera icon at the bottom of the screen. Click on the icon and start taking photos or record a few videos. When you have finished, put the device away, it will upload in the background.

Later on using the app or the website, write your observation and make assessing pupil progress easy by linking the evidence to assessment criteria or link the evidence to the Characteristics of Effective Learning.

Want to find out more about EVISENSE?

Why not book a FREE online meeting to learn about all the features and security in Evisense.


It has to be simple

Evidence has been a big part of the Early Years Foundation Stage for over 15 years. It is how early years settings and child minders demonstrate progress. At this age children aren’t writing stories or producing work in a book, they are playing, having conversations, narrating what they are doing etc. Early years practioners have been recording notes on post-it notes or taking photos, printing them out and writing observations to show the progress the children are making. Using photos this way isn’t quick or easy, but the are a big part of the job. Evisense makes the process simpler, more powerful and more effective. Evidence can be captured in the moment and automatically uploaded to our servers.

There is no need to move photos off devices. You don’t need to worry about folders or filenames.There is no need to worry about the amount of hard disk space you are using or if the computer will fail. This has all been taken care of by Evisense.

Adding the observations, linking the evidence to a child and deciding who can see the evidence is like writing a post on social media. It is quick and easy. Once you hit ‘Post’, there is nothing left to do.


Do more with your evidence

Collecting evidence for the early learning journais is only the first part of the process, but for many this is where it ends. It takes a long time to create the journal and although it can be shared with parents, it has to remain with the setting as it is their assessment system. It is what they will show Ofsted and other organisations when discussing the progress of the children.

Evisense lets you view and organise your evidence in different ways. Normally with early learning journals you have one book per child. With Evisense, in a few clicks you can show all the evidence linked to one of the characteristics of effective learning. If you are in a nursery or other setting with multiple staff, everyone can contribute and give a hollistic view of the child’s time. 

You can use evidence to demonstrate the different opportunites your chldren have. Evisense allows you to collate and view evidence across the setting easily.


More meaningful communication with parents

Children make amazing observations or focus on interesting aspects of what they are making, reflecting on experiences they have had. It is important to be able to capture these easily. It is often the children’s offhand comments that really make parents smile, laugh or cringe. It is all part of the learning process and it is important that this curiousity is captured.

Children grow and change really quickly during their early years. Parents may miss key milestones or may not be aware of what their child is capable of. Evisense allows early years settings to move past photos and use video to capture these moments. These moments will be treasured for years by the parents, they may even come up at their child’s 18th birthday!

Sharing the early learning jourmal with parents gives them an insight into their childs day. It lets them see the different experiences their child has and helps them continue the fun at home. Giving parents access to Evisense and updating it regularly will boost the parents engagement with their child’s learning. They can also share what they make at home, the songs they sing or the games they play.

When you have a paper early learning journal, it is like Highlander. There can only be one! It takes so much time to create. If you use Evisense, you can email a PDF copy of th early learning jourmal at any time. When their child moves on they will always have a record of their child’s time with you. They can also pass on the journal to the next setting.

Evisense makes communicating with parents simpler and easier.

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hollistic assessment for pupils with special educational needs and disability (SEND)

Pupils with SEND are supported to develop a wide range of skills, across the four broad areas of need. There often isn’t an assessment tool to measure the progress the pupil is making. Evidence can be used to show the progress being made towards a range of outcomes.

Want to find out more about EVISENSE?

Why not book a FREE online meeting to learn about all the features and security in Evisense.