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Evidence achievement

“Great links to skills and ability to add in other areas where we can evidence achievement. Many pupils show progress but in small steps and in a range of areas. This can be all evidenced and recorded, no matter how small the achievement.”

Multiple media and post types

“I like being able to have multiple photos or a combination of video and photos for each post. I like the multiple options for the type of post and the WOW moments for our more complex needs children. Pages and posts now load a lot faster than previously.”

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Lancaster school
Papillon House School
Beaucroft foundation school
Cribden House School

Slick interface

“Evisense is really good for capturing and sharing progress – especially when you can link it to targets. The new version has a slicker interface and I love the improvement on the gallery. This term we are putting some reports onto Evisense for parents and students to access. The new features have had great feedback from staff. Multiple media posts is excellent as are the different post types!”

Improved & increased quality & quantity of evidence

“It is much quicker and easy to upload evidence. Great to be able to put more than one photo or video in each evidence, and when linking it to Connecting Steps, it is very useful that the program shows directly where pupils are working, rather than having to go to Connecting Steps to check on which level they’re at. It has improved and increased the quality and quantity of evidence. Uploading videos doesn’t take long at all!”

Great improvement

“The new version of Evisense has been a great improvement! We have created our end of year reports from Evisense and this has been great. We like the multiple media posts, the range of tags that we can add and creating reports.”

Connects directly to Connecting Steps

“I like that we can add more photos to show the activity or observation from start to finish. The range of post types has also been useful to record progress in a range of different ways and I like how it connects directly to Connecting Steps from B Squared.”

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More great feedback…

Multiple media per post

“I am finding the new version significantly better. It is especially good to be able to add more than one photo.”

Maria Nicholson

The Russett School

Parent communication

“It’s a lovely way to share with parents.”

Lisa Boyes

Class teacher and wellbeing lead, Beaucroft Foundation School

Share progress

“It helps to capture and share progress. The access to comment section and communication is good.”

Anastasiya Dye

Para Professional, Pickhurst Junior Academy

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