Digital e-portfolio learning journal for schools

What is Evisense?

An e-portfolio, an online learning journal or a digital evidence of learning system? The answer is all of them.

Watch our introduction video to explain.


Why Evisense? 

Evisense allows you to ‘tell the story’ of a child’s learning. Quickly and easily via a digital evidence of learning system. 


Forget the cutting and sticking into a child’s workbook. In Evisense you can take a photo or video and add a comment in a few seconds, to build a clear e-portfolio of a child’s progress and achievements. 


Why do schools need a digital evidence of learning system? 

State of flux

Schools are in a constant state of flux. Some pupils are self-isolating at home, and some are in school. How can schools reliably communicate with students and parents to see pupil progress and achievements? Evisense is an evidence of learning system born to do this by enabling secure home/school communication plus it has lots of features built in to make teachers’ lives easier. 


Forget cutting and sticking your pupils work into books and go digital for your pupil observations. A good evidence of learning system has a shedload of advantages over a paper-based process. Digital cloud-based evidence can’t get lost, is secure and can be easily retrieved to print end of year reports in a flash! 


E-portfolios can also prove to be a good financial move if you do encounter a problem. Compiling evidence in books or on desktops is likely to take more time and work and are much more susceptible to security breaches. 


The biggest benefit of an evidence of learning system is that you can show all the small steps of progress children make across a wide range of areas, you can capture their achievements no matter how big and small. With Evisense you can share this with parents through the app or by printing out reports, both are a great way of sharing what their child is achieving with you.  

What makes a good e-portfolio learning journey for schools? 

A good e-portfolio should be fully secure, user friendly and help demonstrate progress in a pupils’ learning, so they’re especially useful if your evidence-based observations need to impress your Senior Leader Team or Ofsted. 

Digital e-portfolios should capture almost any type of evidence of achievements, including PDF’s, video, photo and audio. Being able to add comments to your evidence is an essential feature. 

Finding an e-portfolio that can run using your existing technology is also a consideration. Evisense is cloud based which makes life easy and you can use Evisense using our app or using a digital camera and uploading evidence through the website. 

 Why use Evisense: 

  • Quick and easy to use system – minimal support or training required 
  • Organise evidence by linking it to different aspects like the 4 broad areas of need, IEP targets or EHCP targets 
  • Save money and time – no more printing and sticking 
  • The most secure evidence platform – evidence captured through our app is secure and does not appear in the device’s photos/gallery 
  • Share evidence with parents – they can use the same app as you to view evidence of their child 

Quick and easy

The app makes Evisense quick and easy to use ‘on the go’ in the classroom or outside. Using the Quick Camera Mode on any (authorised) mobile device lets teachers capture “in the moment” either in the classroom or on the playing fields. Never miss a ‘wow’ moment. Whilst the website makes it easy to create reports and manage the data. Use the tools you already have – no need to invest in additional hardware.

Organise evidence

Maybe the best part of Evisense is the ability to view evidence by student, class, subject, attainment level or skill, making it easy to identify skill gaps and monitor progress over time, from Year R to Year 11. Keep the Ofsted inspectors happy! Add and view additional areas for SEND pupils such as the 4 Broad Areas of Need and Characteristics of Effective Learning. This provides powerful proof of pupil progress that may have otherwise been hard to demonstrate. 

Save money

Schools can use existing mobile devices or digital cameras to capture evidence of learning and upload to Evisense, meaning no more printing and sticking.


Photos are stored securely in the app. This means it won’t appear on the device’s camera roll. Evisense security measures are outstanding. Photo and video evidence are encrypted at the point of capture, in the Evisense app. Only personnel authorised by your school have access to your school’s evidence. It also features audit trails, access restrictions for child protection and manages any inappropriate posts quickly and easily. And of course, it is fully GDPR compliant. 

B Squared has 25+ years’ experience in creating assessment software for schools, making us best placed to develop Evisense with all the features that schools need to make teacher’s lives easier. Save time and securely store digital evidence of achievements to ‘Tell the story’ of a child’s learning journey. 

If you already use B Squared’s Connecting Steps, Evisense  links straight to it. Link photo and video evidence of learning to assessment points that you can then view inside Connecting Steps.  

See what teachers are saying…

image of happy customer

We are really happy using Evisense and during our current HMIE inspection I was able to share data showing pupils progress. The inspectors enjoyed learning about the software we use.”

Michelle Ritchie

Acting Principal Teacher

Happy customer

It’s great for parental engagement. We use it for parents evening to show progress. We also use Evisense for moderation not only in our school but are now linking with other schools in our cluster.”

Lindsay Ireland

Class Teacher, Firpark School

Happy customer

Using Evisense teachers can literally ‘see’ students making progress through the videos and photos. This evidence for learning informs our formal assessment and future planning.”

Jessica Miller

Class Teacher, Acorns Primary School

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