Using Evisense’s Secure Quick Camera Mode

This video explains what the Secure Quick Camera mode is, why it is important and how to use it.

The secure quick camera mode is a way to quickly and securely capture evidence using our app. The teacher can add their comments and other information later. When schools are using mobile devices to capture evidence, it is important they think about the security of the device and who can access the devices. Our secure quick camera mode allows you to capture evidence quickly, without the evidence appearing in the device’s camera roll/gallery. On some devices the device’s camera roll/gallery is synced up to Google, Apple, Dropbox or other providers.

If media is stored in the device’s camera roll/gallery, it also needs to be managed. When evidence is used, it should be deleted from the device. When there are multiple people sharing a device, it makes it harder to manage the media as each person has to manage their own media. With the secure camera mode, this is a thing of the past. Each user can use their own account on the device, they can capture evidence and it will be uploaded to their user area. There is no evidence stored on the device, there is no need to manage the evidence on the device and there is no need for a more expensive device with more storage.

Once evidence is captured using the secure quick camera mode it is uploaded to the users account and can be accessed through the Evisense app or the Evisense website. The teacher has the choice of using the website on a computer or the app to add their comments, tag students and add other information.If you have any questions or need support, please contact our support team on 01252 870133 or send an email to

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