A Guide for Schools on Parental Access

This video talks schools through Evisense’s features around parental access, how we help keep the data safe and how we protect and support the school. Evisense allows schools to control access to evidence easily and safely.

Parents can only see evidence their child has been tagged in and only evidence the school has shared with parents. This means that parents will only see the evidence a school has explicitly shared with them.

Evisense has 4 levels of parental access:

  • Parents have no access – the school can share evidence through reports that can be printed or emailed.
  • Parents can view evidence – the school can create accounts for parents. Parents can use the website or the Evisense app and access their child’s evidence.
  • Parents can comment – parents are now able to comment on evidence that has been shared with them. This is a great way for parents to feedback on the evidence and how they may have tried things out at home
  • Parents can add evidence – parents are now able to add evidence to Evisense. The evidence is automatically tagged to their child and only their child.

If you tag multiple children in a piece of evidence, the evidence is duplicated. We do this so that any comments are isolated to each child, parents won’t see other parent’s comments or staff commenting on other children.

The system has a child protection list feature. This prevents evidence tagged with a child who is on the child protection list from being shared with other parents. This feature can also be used if parents have requested their photos of their child are not used/shared.

Evisense also has full access control and auditing, B Squared have a record of all logins, downloads and views.

If you have any questions or need support, please contact our support team on 01252 870133 or send an email to support@evisense.com

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