Our new App is here! What’s new?…..EVERYTHING!!

We’ve been listening to our customers’ feedback and continuing to evolve Evisense to make it faster, easier and better to use. Evisense is designed for teachers to capture photo and video evidence of learning. It supports observational assessments, demonstrates progress and can be shared securely with parents.

At a glance…

  • Never miss a ‘wow moment’ with the quick secure camera mode

  • Link evidence to Additional Areas that relate to a child’s achievement

  • Quicker login using 4 digit PIN code

  • Fresh new user friendly interface

The Evisense app is used on tablets and mobile devices to quickly take video/photo or audio evidence of a child’s work. Tap the big camera icon at the bottom of the screen and snap a bunch of photos and videos very quickly.

Make assessing pupil progress easy by adding and viewing additional areas such as the 4 Broad Areas of Need and Characteristics of Effective Learning and link them with evidence. 20,000 pieces of evidence are being added every month, helping teachers prove their academic judgements, and make annual reporting easier, all organised and securely stored in the cloud.

Using Evisense teachers can literally ‘see’ students making progress through the videos and photos. This evidence for learning informs our formal assessment and future planning.”

Jessica Miller, Class Teacher, Acorns Primary School

“I am loving the new app! Before Evisense, evidence was static. It sat in a folder, used for moderation or assessment purposes and was sent home to parents at the end of the year. I felt frustrated by the process of printing and gluing and collating. It was costly and not time efficient.

The new app is time efficient. I like that you can take the pic, it can sit in multiple students’ work, multiple areas across the curriculum and you can track and clearly see progress.

Using the quick camera mode means less stress and pressure to take the pic and upload immediately. I can quickly snap evidence ‘on the go’ then add my observations and link to the framework later, when I have time.

It’s great for parental engagement. We use it for parents evening to show progress. We also use Evisense for moderation not only in our school but are now linking with other schools in our cluster.”

Lindsay Ireland, Class Teacher, Firpark School .

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