How to set up parental access to Evisense

This video shows administrators how to set up parent/guardian access within Evisense, using our central administration portal, MyBSquared.

The administrator for Evisense at your school can give parents and guardians of your students access to the system. Guardians can only view evidence for their students. This is managed by linking guardians to students. Schools can also choose the level of access to give their parents and guardians.

Would you like to know more? Our video A Guide for Schools on Parental Access gives a full explanation. It outlines how schools can use Evisense to share evidence of learning with parents easily and securely. It also covers the different levels of access allowed and all the other features linked to parental access.

For more ‘How To’ instructions, check out our other Evisense Tips & Tricks videos.

If you have any questions or need support, please contact our support team on 01252 870133 or send an email to


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