First steps for students with Evisense

Students can use Evisense, which means they can upload their achievements when at home, as well as school, giving a complete picture of their learning. This video shows the first steps for students with Evisense.

Students will receive an email inviting them to join Evisense, follow the link on the email to create a password. Now they can login with the student email address and password.

The next step to set up student access is to accept the licence agreement. Once accepted, the student’s news feed with show. Any posts which have been shared with the student will appear. Do not worry if it is not showing any, the teacher may not have shared any posts yet.

Student’s can comment on posts that have been shared to their news feed.

Evisense is available as an App, easily downloaded from the App Store, Google Play or Amazon.

The student can log in using the same details as the website. The student will be asked to set up a PIN when logging into the App for the first time. The next time they login, they will only need to use the PIN.

Now the student can see their news feed and any posts which have been shared with them, the same as the website.

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