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Manage your Evidence the easy way with Evisense!

Free up teaching time: use our evidence platform to manage and share your photos and videos


Manage your evidence the easy way with Evisense!


Evisense allows parents to keep in touch with their child's education

For many people seeing really is believing. Sharing evidence of learning provides parents with a window into their child's Secondary School. Sharing your photo and video evidence can add a great deal of value to your assessments. Photos demonstrate skills that have been achieved, whilst videos can show not just results but also vital steps taken along a pupil’s learning journey.

But how can you manage all this evidence of learning easily and securely?

Tell The Story of learning

Introducing Evisense, our revolutionary web-based evidence platform for schools that enables teachers to ‘Tell The Story’ of events from a child’s time in education. It has been designed to provide teachers with a simple and straightforward way to manage evidence securely. It can be used to record a student’s achievements and progress through photos, videos, audio files and documents, tracking their learning journey from Early Years through Primary and Secondary education.

7 reasons to choose Evisense for evidence management

Use Evisense to easily record and share photos, videos, audio recordings and documents with our secure and stable hosted platform.

Evisense has been designed to make the process of capturing and showcasing evidence of learning as easy as possible for teachers. Evisense is focused on making evidence as powerful as possible and empowering its users. It enables schools to build a vital bank of evidence that can be used to demonstrate student’s progress, moderate work, as well as engage parents.

A teacher can record, link and annotate evidence using the app in under a minute. Schools can still use a digital camera and upload photos or video through the web browser.

Pupils can be empowered to contribute to the record of their own learning by adding achievements and sharing these with their parents.

They can also review and reflect on their work, and give feedback to their peers. This carefully monitored environment provides a safe and gentle introduction to the benefits of social media.

Evisense can capture academic achievements, but also records the experiences pupils have at school which contribute to the whole child.

Evisense is quick and simple to use in the classroom environment, enabling teachers to easily record pupils’ everyday experiences as well as any ‘special events’ that take place at school.

Sharing evidence with parents means they are able to see their children engaging in school life and can be more involved.

Evisense lets staff share evidence with parents instantly. Parents can view evidence through the app on their mobile device and, if given permission by the school, can comment as well. Parents can then talk to their child about what they have learnt or enjoyed in school and extend their learning outside the classroom. Evisense makes home-school communication easy and straightforward, increasing parental involvement in a child’s education.

Reports can be shared electronically or in a printed format (with QR codes for viewing videos).

Evisense reduces the administrative burden of managing evidence, so professionals can focus on improving outcomes in the classroom.

Schools often spend a large amount of time, money and effort building paper based evidence portfolios. Evisense enables teachers to change the way these portfolios are created, moving from a time consuming paper-based approach to an easy-to-use digital system.

We developed Evisense as a result of feedback from teaching staff who were frustrated with the amount of time spent on collating supporting evidence. Using Evisense, the laborious task of cutting and pasting photographs into reports is eliminated so staff can focus on teaching. It has been designed to be secure, collaborative and flexible, providing teachers with an evidence management tool that fits with the way they work.

Multi-platform access means existing devices can be registered for use with Evisense. There is also no need to provide storage space on your servers. No further investment in hardware is required.

Access is quick and easy, via iOS, Android and Amazon Fire apps as well as a web browser. The functionality on all devices is the same. Evisense reinforces existing mobile device policies set by schools to control what devices can be used within the school and for what purpose, by preventing unauthorised devices from being used with the system.

Pricing is flexible so schools only pay for what they need. A range of storage options are available to schools depending on student numbers and the capacity required

Evisense features unparalleled security as a result of our experience working with schools for over 20 years and 5 years hosting schools’ data.

Security and safeguarding have been built into the heart of Evisense. B Squared is already responsible for over 150,000 students’ records within our Connecting Steps assessment platform. Working with schools and local authorities over the last 20 years has given us an in-depth understanding of the safeguarding policies of these institutions.

We have worked hard to ensure that Evisense meets all the safeguarding requirements a school, local authority or MAT may have. This includes device security/restrictions, secure communication and additional server security. Evisense has been designed to give schools and parents every confidence that both their children and their data are safe.

Class Teacher

“Evisense benefits us hugely as our main way of recording assessment of pupils is using photos or videos to show them participating in a learning task. Evisense enables us to store, filter and use these photos to show achievement and progress in a relevant and meaningful way. We can also easily and securely share these with parents."

Lisa Galfredi, Class Teacher, Redburn School, North Lanarkshire


Assistant Head

"Evisense allows us to centrally store evidence, share good practice, improve while school approaches to annotation and assessment and track evidence against assessment outcomes.

"As a leader in the school I am able to easily see the learning and progress occurring in classes. But even more importantly, as a school we can be robust in the collection and recording of progress.”

Samantha Hepworth, Assistant Head, Applefields School, York


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