Share Evidence of Achievements With Parents


Simplify observational assessments

Assessment for Early Years is based on observation. Childminders, nurseries, pre-schools and reception class teachers literally ‘see’ the children in their care make progress on a daily basis. But this assessment process can involve hours of observations and a mountain of reporting. Surely there must be a better way? 


Enable meaningful communication with parents

Early Years practitioners need to be able to record their observations quickly and easily and then communicate children’s learning journey progress to their parents in a meaningful way. Our evidence management solution does just that! It acts like a digital learning journal, so EYFS settings can easily and securely share photo and video evidence of achievements with parents. Increasing parental engagement in this way is well recognised to aid child development, as learning can be reinforced and built upon at home. 


Reduce reporting time

Evisense was developed in response to feedback from staff who were frustrated with the amount of time spent collating supporting evidence. This digital solution eliminates the laborious task of cutting and pasting photographs into reports. It has been designed to make Early Years practitioners’ lives easier - reducing the amount of time spent on assessment/reporting - so you  can focus on the development of the children within your care!

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EYFS Practitioners say...



Easily record EYFS learning evidence

An Early Years practitioner can record, link and annotate evidence using the app in under a minute. Or photos can be taken using a digital camera and uploaded via the web browser. Comments can be included when photos or videos are taken or added later. 




Save time and money going digital

Early Years settings often spend a large amount of time, money and effort building paper-based evidence portfolios. Evisense enables teachers to change the way these learning journals are created, moving from a time consuming paper-based approach to an easy-to-use digital system.



Increase parental engagement 

Evidence can be securely shared with parents through the app or printed reports with embedded QR codes to access videos. Sharing photo and video evidence of a child’s learning journey enables more meaningful communication with parents, who can then talk to their child about what they have learnt or enjoyed.



Focus on improving outcomes

Evisense reduces the administrative burden of managing evidence, so professionals can focus on improving children’s outcomes. Sharing successes with parents helps increase parental engagement which is well recognised to have a positive impact on a child’s learning.





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Do you want to link the evidence to your assessment?

You can with B Squared's Connecting Steps assessment software!

Connecting Steps covers a range of curriculums including EYFS, SEND and Key Stage 1 and 2 of the National Curriculum. Evisense and Connecting Steps work alongside each other with users, groups and students linked together. Users in Connecting Steps can see which skills are backed up with supporting evidence, as well as viewing evidence linked with subjects, attainment levels and assessment points. Visit our dedicated Connecting Steps website to find out more.




Evisense can record children's achievements and progress through photos, videos, audio files.

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Digital vs paper

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Connecting Steps

Our assessment software improves pupil outcomes, reduces admin time and simplifies reporting.

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