Helps Increase Parental Engagement

Some children can spend more time with their teachers than with their parents! And parents love to know what their child has done in their day at school. It opens up conversations and allows more scope for extending and consolidating knowledge taught in school. School bulletins are the conventional type of communication between parents and school. These are usually a generic overview of the whole school and not specific to each child.


Increases positive outcomes for children

Evisense is a communication app that is child centric. You’ll be able to share in your child’s achievements as and when they happen, in real time. Your child’s teacher can take photo, audio or video footage, comment on it and share it with you during the school day. You can reply to offer praise and encouragement. When parents are involved with their child’s education, it leads to increased positive outcomes.



Safeguarding and security have been built into the heart of Evisense. All photo/video evidence is encrypted on the device before it is uploaded. It has an audit trail facility for users, access restrictions and integrates with child protection lists.



Pictures can speak 1,000 words

For parents of children with SEND, communication can be more challenging. Sometimes subtle areas of improvement can prove difficult to put into words. Evisense can be used to show photos, audio and video footage which can be crucial to understanding events that have happened during the school day.

Simple to use

It is intuitive to use, if you can use Facebook, you can use Evisense. Access and comments can be set to ‘teacher only’ or ‘teachers & parents’. Only the parents of the child can view that child’s ‘wall’. All data is encrypted, so you don’t have to worry about security, even for a looked after child.


Would you like your child's achievements in school to be shared with you?

Send your school an email to tell them you're interested in Evisense and ask them to make an enquiry on your behalf.



Evisense can record children's achievements & progress through photos, videos, audio files.

5 star app

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