Compare and track student progress across your school

As a senior leader you need to be in control of all your data from teachers and make sense of it, to inform your planning decisions and impact your students positively.


Simple to use

If you can use Facebook, then you can use Evisense. Using the app on a mobile device is intuitive. Teachers can instantly capture evidence of a child’s achievements and upload it to their profile. If time is short in the lesson, comments and observations can be added later. 


Communication is Evisense’s superpower

All staff can have access to see each student’s achievements and they can even be shared securely with parents, encouraging greater parental engagement. Access and comments can be set to ‘teacher only’, ‘teachers’ & parents’ or ‘everyone’ (parents can only see their own child’s ‘wall’). The school has full control.


Save money

School budgets are being squeezed relentlessly. How do senior leaders decide where to spend the budget? Instead of cutting back on everything, take a look at what you can do to become more efficient.


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Powerful analysis

Data can be used to identify skill gaps. Evidence can be viewed by student, class, subject, attainment level or skill. Evisense has powerful filtering capabilities. E.g. you can ask Evisense to show “all Year 4 writing in 2018” allowing quick comparisons of students' work and enabling consistent moderation.


Secure & reliable

Evisense boasts 99.8% uptime and outstanding security measures, including audit trails for users, access restrictions and the use of child protection lists.  All evidence is encrypted on the device before being uploaded to the cloud.





"Before we started using Evisense, finding a specific piece of evidence was challenging to say the least! Now we have a consistent way to gather evidence of learning across our school."


Lindsay Ireland, Class Teacher, Firpark School


Evisense helps increase positive outcomes

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Do you want to link evidence to your assessments?

You can with B Squared's Connecting Steps assessment software!

Connecting Steps covers a range of curriculums including EYFS, SEND and Key Stage 1 and 2 of the National Curriculum. Evisense and Connecting Steps work alongside each other with users, groups and students linked together. Users in Connecting Steps can see which skills are backed up with supporting evidence, as well as viewing evidence linked with subjects, attainment levels and assessment points. Visit our dedicated Connecting Steps website to find out more.




Evisense can record children's achievements and progress through photos, videos, audio files.

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Digital vs paper

Download our cost analysis of digital vs paper and see how much your school could save.





Connecting Steps

Our assessment software improves pupil outcomes, reduces admin time and simplifies reporting.

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