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Evisense Pricing

Evisense is an annual subscription which is charged per pupil. Sold in packs, the lowest subscription is a pack of 5 pupils, costing £50 a year. Packs are sold in increments, for example if you need Evisense for 65 pupils, this will be rounded up to 70 pupils as this is the nearest available pack size.

We have 3 levels of storage space;

Bronze  - 1GB per pupil
Silver  - 2GB per pupil
Gold  - 5GB per pupil

1GB will store around 800 photos, if you are going to store lots of video, we would recommend the Silver or Gold plans. Customers who already use our Connecting Steps software and subscribe to our Connecting Steps hosted service will receive an ongoing 10% discount.

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Number of Pupils* Pupil Pack Size Bronze
(per pupil)
(per pupil)
(per pupil)
5 5 £10 £15 £20
10-40 10 £10 £15 £20
50-70 10 £9 £13.50 £18
100-125 25 £7 £10.50 £14
175-200 25 £6 £9 £12
250-350 50 £5 £7.50 £10
500-850 50 £4 £6 £8
1200+ 50 £3 £4.50 £6


Where there are missing pupil ranges, this is due to it being the same price or cheaper to move up to the next price level. 80 pupils at £9 each is £720 and 100 pupils at £7 is only £700, so it is cheaper to purchase a license for 100 pupils than for 80 pupils.