Use mobile devices to easily capture and share evidence.

    There is an Evisense app for iOS, Android and Amazon Fire devices.

    Evisense was created to provide teachers with a simple way to record and store evidence. Evisense is also designed to be a communication tool between school and parents.

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Evisense from B Squared is designed to make capturing evidence of learning in the classroom easier.
Collect photos, videos, audio and documents to create a portfolio of a child's educational journey.
Easily and securely share these with parents to increase parental engagement.


Store up to 800 photos per student on our Bronze account, or increase storage to store 4000 photos per pupil on our Gold account.


Record and store up to an hour of video per student. Use our mobile apps to record and upload videos or upload videos through the website.


Upload hundreds of documents - Office documents or PDFs. Documents can be created/scanned and uploaded through the browser.


Store over 11 hours of audio files within Evisense. These can be music that has been created, recorded conversations or story telling.

Sharing evidence on an iPad with students

Evisense - evidence for learning made easy!

Recording evidence is an important function within education and is a crucial part of the assessment process. It needs to be easy to record and even easier to view the information in different ways.

Evisense is designed to do this. A quick and easy capturing process, the ability to link evidence to your assessments and multiple ways to view evidence - by group, student, subject or ability.

It is easy to build an academic timeline.

Security is extremely important to us and we have taken all the precautions necessary

Child safety is a core fundamental in schools and other educational establishments. We have taken all the necessary steps to keep your data safe.

Our security measures include encrypting evidence before it is uploaded, all data is encrypted. We use child protection lists, device security, access restrictions and can also provide audit trails for individual users. We are fully compliant with the data protection laws within the countries in which we operate.


Share evidence with parents and students

Recording and storing evidence is the main purpose of Evisense. Schools can choose how they use the evidence including sharing it with parents.

This gives parents a glimpse into what their child is working on at school. They can see what their child has done in the day/week/term and read the teacher's supporting comments. This extends learning outside of the classroom.

Evisense can be used to record more than just academic achievements. Staff can take photos or videos of events around the school so these can be shared with the parents.