13 New 'Evisense' Advantages for your School!

Here’s 13 reasons why the new release of our evidence management platform Evisense will speed up and simplify your use of the software, so you can manage your evidence the easy way!

  • Parental Log In

    Engaging Parents has been at the very core of what we have been aiming for since we started Evisense. Schools can now give parents access to Evisense through the app or website. You can decide on the level of access you give to parents.

  • Student Log In

    Evisense allows students to share their views. They can view and comment on their work and they can upload their own work to share with teachers and parents.

  • Printing

    Evisense is about collecting and sharing. We have spent the last 6 months developing printing within Evisense with a number of great features. The printing is extremely flexible - you can print evidence for a single student or, for example, select all the evidence of writing for a class over the last term.

  • Use QR Codes to View Videos

    The problem with audio and video files is, they don't translate well to paper, no matter how hard we try. We have overcome this by including a QR code next to each piece of evidence when it is printed. All you need to do is open the Evisense app, select the QR code scanner and away you go. The app also cleverly prevents unauthorised access!

  • Backdate Evidence

    When you post in Evisense, you are posting in the 'here and now' but this is not always the case. You may want to add some evidence of something that happened a little while ago. To combat this, we have introduced custom date options when adding evidence through the browser, or simply let Evisense detect when a photo or video was taken and use that date.

  • Quicker Recording

    Being able to add evidence, tag it to a student, write the observation and then link it to assessments is great functionality to have in the app. But sometimes, when you are in a rush, you only have time to capture the photo before you need to move on. We have now made this possible, you can quickly take a photo and add the rest later through the website.

  • Rotate Images

    A widely requested feature this one. It seems technology is outsmarting itself and some photos are ending up upside down or on their side, yet the mobile device did everything and there was no choice. You asked, we delivered. From now on you can rotate an image before you upload it or rotate an existing image to make sure all of your images are the right way round.

  • Peer Feedback

    We haven't just allowed students to log on, we have also created a way for students to share their work with their peers. Students can share evidence they have uploaded with their friends. This can be used for peer feedback or as a gentle introduction to social media in a safe environment.

  • Longer Posts

    Evisense posts have been limited to 1,000 characters since it went live. For some of you who have really dived in and used Evisense in ways we had not thought of, this wasn't enough. We have now increased this limit to 3,000 characters for you, so if you feel the need you can write even more.

  • Autism Progress is Here

    B Squared's Autism Progress framework for profiling autism has been missing from Evisense until now. If your school has purchased Autism Progress you can now enable it for Evisense so you can link evidence to the Autism Progress framework.

  • Personalise Evisense

    You can now upload your own school banner into Evisense. When students and parents log in it will make Evisense look and feel more in-tune with your own school.

  • Recycle Bin for Deleted Posts

    Have you ever accidentally deleted something you didn't mean to? We all make mistakes and Evisense has just become more forgiving. Deleting a post in the past meant the post was gone and couldn't be retrieved. Administrators now have 30 days to reinstate a post that has been deleted.

  • Viewing Linked Assessments is Now Easier

    Connecting Steps users can link evidence posts to multiple assessments, levels and subjects, as required. We have just made browsing for linked assessments easier, instead of clicking on Linked Assessments on every post in the feed to see all the assessments, Evisense can now display these automatically.


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Class Teacher

“Evisense benefits us hugely as the vast majority of our pupils with SEND cannot complete a worksheet or do other ‘typical’ standard forms of assessment. Our main way of recording assessment of pupils is using photos or videos to show them participating in a learning task. Evisense enables us to store, filter and use these photos to show achievement and progress in a relevant and meaningful way. We can also easily and securely share these with parents."

Lisa Galfredi, Class Teacher, Redburn School, North Lanarkshire


Assistant Head

"Evisense allows us to centrally store evidence, share good practice, improve whole school approaches to annotation and assessment and track evidence against assessment outcomes.

"As a leader in the school I am able to easily see the learning and progress occurring in classes. But even more importantly, as a school we can be robust in the collection and recording of progress.”

Samantha Hepworth, Assistant Head, Applefields School, York


If you have any questions about Evisense please send an email to or phone us on 01252 870133.

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