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For a child with SEND a picture is worth a thousand words!

Our evidence platform, Evisense is designed to provide SENCO's and teachers with a simple and straightforward way to manage evidence securely. It enables you to build a vital bank of evidence that can be used to demonstrate pupils’ progress, moderate work, as well as engage parents. Don’t just take my word for it…

“Evisense benefits us hugely as the vast majority of our pupils with SEND cannot complete a worksheet or do other ‘typical’ standard forms of assessment. Our main way of recording assessment of pupils is using photos or videos to show them participating in a learning task. Evisense enables us to store, filter and use these photos to show achievement and progress in a relevant and meaningful way. We can also easily and securely share these with parents.”

Lisa Galfredi, Class Teacher, Redburn School, North Lanarkshire


Benefits of using Evisense 
  • Easily record and share - photos, videos, audio recordings and documents with our secure and stable platform.
  • Use evidence to show achievement and demonstrate progress - evidence can be linked to skills to show improvements that may otherwise have been hard to demonstrate.
  • Capture the experiences of everyday school life - these can be just as important as academic achievements.
  • Increase parental engagement - by sharing evidence with parents so they can see their children engaging in school life.
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  • Evisense stores data on B Squared servers. All photos and videos are encrypted and B Squared employees do not have access to these. The headteacher in each school is the data protection lead, they are responsible for the safety of all data. It is important that the headteacher is aware that you are using Evisense and where the data is stored. If you would like more information please contact our Sales Team by phone on 01252 870133 or by email at