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Security and Safeguarding

Security and safeguarding have been built into the heart of Evisense. B Squared is already responsible for over 150,000 students’ records within our Connecting Steps assessment platform. Working with schools and local authorities over the last 20 years has given us an in-depth understanding of the safeguarding policies of these institutions. We have had to ensure that Evisense meets all the safeguarding requirements a school, local authority or MAT may have. This has included device security/restrictions, additional functionality, secure communication and additional server security. Evisense has been designed to give schools and parents every confidence that both their child and their data are safe.

The list below highlights some of the security and safeguarding precautions we have taken.



All media files (images, video, audio and documents) are encrypted in storage.
Media is encrypted on mobile devices inside the Evisense app when awaiting upload.
Media files are removed from mobile devices once successfully uploaded.
Media view counts and media download counts are available.
Mobile device authorisation prevents the use of unknown devices without the administrator’s approval.
Prevention of access to mobile device gallery from Evisense app.
Prevention of access to Evisense device gallery from mobile device gallery.
Reporting of inappropriate posts results in immediate removal.
Reported posts can be easily reviewed by the administrator with options to delete, mark as private, edit or reinstate.
Child protection list prevents sharing of evidence containing protected students.



Encrypted connections between the browser and the server.
Encrypted connections between the mobile app and the server.
Data stored in the UK.
All servers own by B Squared Ltd.
Server access restrictions with auditing and active monitoring in place.
Least permissions applied - highest levels of security are immediately applied, which can then be adjusted to meet individual school’s requirements.
Hard disk encryption.


There are also a number of features within Evisense that don’t normally come up under safeguarding audits or policies but that we felt were really important when dealing with photos and videos of students. The biggest feature is that no user can have a private area. Every piece of evidence in the system is accessible by ALL staff. This openness and transparency ensures that the system is always used appropriately.

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Samantha Hepworth

Samantha Hepworth, Assistant Head, Applefields School, York

“Before we had Evisense, we stored photographs on the internal server, work in workbooks and written observations in folders. Now we can combine all this information in one secure location. We have been using Evisense through Chrome and uploading photos and other evidence electronically by scanning workbooks or typing notes taken in lesson straight into Evisense.

“Evisense allows us to centrally store evidence, share good practice, improve whole school approaches to annotation and assessment and track evidence against assessment outcomes. We also believe it will enable us to increase parental engagement by allowing access to parents electronically or through printed reports.

“As a leader in the school I am able to easily see the learning and progress occurring in classes. But even more importantly, as a school we can be robust in the collection and recording of progress.”