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Evisense - Starting an Evidence Revolution

Evisense is a revolutionary web-based tool for schools that enables teachers to ‘Tell The Story’ of events from a child’s time in education. It has been designed to record a student’s achievements and progress through photos, videos, audio files and documents, tracking their journey from Early Years through Primary and Secondary Education. We understand that Evisense will be used by a wide variety of educational providers, so we have designed it to be versatile enough to meet the individual requirements of each setting.


We Make Your Life Easier. Here's How...

  • Record Evidence

    Teaching staff can use the app to capture and upload evidence immediately or use school cameras and other digital equipment - and then upload files via the website. Comments can be added and the evidence can be linked to subjects, attainment levels and assessment points*.

  • Share with Others

    Evidence is shared across the school as it is recorded. Parents can view evidence through the app on their mobile device and, if given permission by the school, can comment as well. Evisense makes home-school communication easy and straightforward, increasing parental involvement in a child’s education.

  • Moderate Work

    Linking photos, video and other files to curriculum areas and assessment points provides schools with a bank of evidence which they can use to moderate work. Professionals can quickly and easily view work of a similar ability, enabling them to make comparisons and support their academic judgements.

*linking to assessment points requires Connecting Steps V4 running on B Squared servers

Recording Evidence the Easy Way

Evisense was created to provide teachers with a simple electronic way to store evidence. Early Years settings spend a large amount of time, money and effort building hard copy Early Learning Journals. These journals are their core method of assessment and allow settings to show progress to parents and to external bodies. Evisense will enable teachers to change the way these journals are created, moving from a time consuming paper-based approach to an easy-to-use digital system.

Using Evisense, teachers can take a photo or record a video, link this to a child, write what the evidence shows and add in the next steps - all in one go. There is no need to download the photos from a camera, send the photos off to be printed, wait for the photos to come back, sort the photos, write the comments and mount in the child’s individual journal. By moving from a paper-based system to a digital one that embraces the use of mobile technology, not only have we eliminated a large amount of time and effort, we have added a number of benefits.

Teachers can:

  • Record video or audio evidence as well as digital photos.
  • Link evidence directly to assessments.
  • Share with parents instantly (parents can also download photos to keep them permanently).
  • Rest assured that each child’s records are safely stored and backed up.

We realise that other education settings face the same challenges. The need for evidence capture is not limited to Early Years. After researching how other schools could use Evisense, it became clear that a large number of benefits can be delivered by recording evidence digitally and having the flexibility to link this evidence to other tools and different ways of working.

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When creating Evisense, we talked to a large number of schools to find out how they work and what they need from an evidence system. The responses varied greatly based on the individual, the situation, the school’s IT infrastructure and its safeguarding and data protection policies. Evisense has been designed to be flexible enough to meet a wide range of requirements.

Teachers can:

  • Use our app on iOS, Android and Amazon Fire devices (4MP camera required) to take and upload photos.
    OR use traditional digital cameras and upload evidence via the website.
  • Take photos when online through the app, tagging any pupil in your school.
    OR take photos when offline through the app, tagging pupils in your class now and tagging others later via the website.
  • Control the devices used within school so that only school iPads can be used (or other devices approved by the administrator).
    OR allow the use of any device (all access is audited).
  • Tag a piece of evidence with multiple pupils and share with multiple parents.
    OR tag a child on the child protection list and automatically prevent evidence being shared with other parents.
  • Allow parents to contribute and add their comments in order to build up a dialogue with teachers.
    OR limit parental access to teachers to within the school day, preferring face-to-face communication.

This flexible approach allows schools to tailor the system to provide what they need in a way that works for them.

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Sharing and Communication

Early Years settings have the most face-to-face contact with parents, talking to them every day. As students get older the parents have less and less contact with the teachers and the school overall. Parents have to rely on their child to find out what they have done this week or what is happening next week, often receiving very limited information as a result.

Evisense can change that. By sharing evidence with the parents through Evisense, parents can see what their child is doing. This is important because not only does the parent see what their child has achieved, but they can also talk with their child about what they are learning. Increasing parental involvement in this way can have a huge impact on a child’s education and the outcomes.

Once we established that Evisense could build a bridge between schools and parents, we asked the question, why limit communication to just evidence? As a result, the functionality of Evisense has been developed to include different methods of communication. Teachers can share evidence, but can also send messages to individual parents, as well as issuing diary reminders and newsletters. Not only is it really easy for a teacher to send a message, but Evisense also notifies parents via email and through the app when they receive a message. Parents can then use the Evisense app to view evidence, read messages and (if given access by the school) comment on the messages they receive.

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Assessment, Moderation and Progress

Recording evidence is a crucial part of the assessment process because this evidence is used to justify decisions made about each student’s learning.

In Evisense you can easily record evidence, add a comment and link the observation to the curriculum. However, one of the most important parts of an evidence system (which is often over looked) is how easily the evidence can be accessed once it is stored. As we developed Evisense we realised that to make evidence as effective as possible, it needed to be accessible in a variety of different ways.

Teachers can:

  • View evidence by student.
  • View evidence by class.
  • View evidence by subject.
  • View evidence by attainment level.
  • View evidence linked to a skill.

Having these options makes Evisense powerful, but it is the way in which they can be used that adds real value. For example, students can sometimes feel low about themselves and what they have achieved. It is really easy to open up Evisense and view the timeline of a student’s work in order to show them how much their work has progressed over the last year. This is far more effective than just talking about improvements.

Teachers can also use the evidence within Evisense to help assess a piece of work, by viewing other work at the same attainment level and comparing it with historic saved work. This process can help strengthen moderation and standardisation throughout the school, as teachers can easily compare their marking against that of their peers.

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Linking to Connecting Steps

Evisense enables teaching staff to link evidence to assessments points in Connecting Steps*, our market leading assessment platform. Connecting Steps covers a wide range of curriculums (for example EYFS, P Levels, KS1 & 2 of the National Curriculum). Evisense and Connecting Steps work alongside each other with users, groups and students being linked between applications. Users in Connecting Steps can see which skills have been linked to evidence, as well as viewing evidence linked with subjects, attainment levels and assessment points.

*Connecting Steps V4 required with an active hosting agreement.

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Security and safeguarding have been built into the heart of Evisense. B Squared is already responsible for over 150,000 students’ records within our Connecting Steps assessment platform. Working with schools and local authorities over the last 20 years has given us an in-depth understanding of the safeguarding policies of these institutions. We have worked hard to address every security and safeguarding issue raised by our customers and many, many more. Evisense has been designed to give schools and parents every confidence that both their child and their data are safe.

The list below highlights some of the security and safeguarding precautions we have taken.


All media files (images, video, audio and documents) are encrypted in storage.
Media is encrypted on mobile devices inside the Evisense app when awaiting upload.
Media files are removed from mobile devices once successfully uploaded.
Media view counts and media download counts are available.
Mobile device authorisation prevents the use of unknown devices without the administrator’s approval.
Prevention of access to mobile device gallery from Evisense app.
Prevention of access to Evisense device gallery from mobile device gallery.
Reporting of inappropriate posts results in immediate removal.
Reported posts can be easily reviewed by the administrator with options to delete, mark as private, edit or reinstate.
Child protection list prevents sharing of evidence containing protected students.
Encrypted connections between the browser and the server.
Encrypted connections between the mobile app and the server.
Data stored in the UK.
All servers own by B Squared Ltd.
Server access restrictions with auditing and active monitoring in place.
Least permissions applied - highest levels of security are immediately applied, which can then be adjusted to meet individual school’s requirements.
Hard disk encryption.

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Student Involvement

The value of self-assessment and self-reflection have become more widely recognised in education over the last few years. Students need to understand where they started, what they are capable of and how they learn most effectively. They should be involved in the conversations about their progress. Evisense was designed to be part of this process. Schools can give their students access to Evisense, enabling them to add their own evidence and providing a platform for talking about how they felt, what they learnt or how they could improve. Schools have the option to allow students to share evidence with their friends - a safe and gentle introduction to social media.

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Yvonne Skillern, Primary Leader, Highfield Ely Academy, Cambridgeshire

“Using Evisense, we can securely capture and store evidence of learning and link it directly to the Characteristics of Effective Learning for EYFS. It is straightforward and easy to use, with a clear user friendly interface.

“In the past photos were stored on our school drive - which took up lots of space! Staff are now taking photos and adding evidence directly into the Evisense app. This saves a great deal of time compared with cutting, sticking and linking evidence in hard copy Early Learning Journals. We also save money on ink and paper as we no longer need to print out photos.”


Samantha Hepworth, Assistant Head, Applefields School, York

“Before we had Evisense, we stored photographs on the internal server, work in workbooks and written observations in folders. Now we can combine all this information in one secure location. We have been using Evisense through Chrome and uploading photos and other evidence electronically by scanning workbooks or typing notes taken in lesson straight into Evisense.

“Evisense allows us to centrally store evidence, share good practice, improve whole school approaches to annotation and assessment and track evidence against assessment outcomes. We also believe it will enable us to increase parental engagement by allowing access to parents electronically or through printed reports.

“As a leader in the school I am able to easily see the learning and progress occurring in classes. But even more importantly, as a school we can be robust in the collection and recording of progress.”