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Using Evisense with Students

Using Evisense, students are able to contribute to the record of their learning by adding achievements, reviewing and reflecting on their work, and giving feedback to their peers. All of these insights help to show a child's unique journey; possibly demonstrating their frustration with challenges, their perseverance, and finally their pride as they achieve their goal.

Demonstrating progress

Evisense can be used in many ways with students. The simplest of which is to demonstrate progress using a timeline. This enables a teacher to show a student the progress they have made in an easy to understand, visual way. This can be done by looking at photos of work from previous years to see the achievements that have been reached and the improvements the student has made. Evisense can also be used by parents to do the same thing, just having a simple conversation on a regular basis will encourage the child and boost their confidence.

student using Evisense for self-reflection

Dedicated student portal

Students can also use Evisense themselves. Schools can give students access to their own Student Profile - showing all their evidence, diary information, newsletters and shared evidence. Students can take their own photos, record video or audio, or upload documents. They can comment on what they upload showing pride in their work, which they can then share with parents. Children learn and achieve more than parents realise at school, students can use Evisense to show their parents what they are capable of.


Safe introduction to social media

Schools can allow students to share their evidence with their friends, it enables friends to comment on each other's work and congratulate each other for what they have achieved. It is a gentle and safe introduction to social media, somewhere they can express themselves but where it is monitored. Teachers will always be able to see everything a student posts. Students, teachers or parents can report evidence or messages they feel are inappropriate. The information is immediately removed and reported to the school, so they can decide what action to take.