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Using Evisense with ParentsMother and child looking at evidence - learning outside the classroom

Evisense has been designed to strengthen the relationship between schools and parents by enabling more effective communication. At Evisense’s heart is a system devised to make recording and sharing evidence easy. A teacher or teaching assistant can quickly and easily record evidence and then share it with parents. Shortly after evidence has been recorded, parents can see what their child has just written, created, performed or participated in.


A full picture of your child’s achievements

Evisense gives parents an insight into their child’s education. You can see what your child is doing in school and then talk about their learning together at home. School is not just about academic success but also about building the whole child, giving them new opportunities to push themselves and providing new experiences which will inspire them. With Evisense you can evidence all of a child’s accomplishments, not just the academic ones. Head teacher’s awards, school council meetings, sports day activities and other events can all be recorded and shared.


Improving parent-school communication

Evisense can be used more widely as a communication tool between schools and parents. Newsletters can be distributed and stored within Evisense. Diary updates can also be sent out to a class or group within the school reminding them of future events. Teachers can message individual parents through Evisense. Schools can give parents the option to reply to these messages privately, keeping communication between themselves and the school only (not to be seen by other parents).


When evidence or a message is posted, the parent is notified directly through email and also within the app. This gives a much more effective and reliable messaging system, communicating directly to a parent’s in-box. As all messages go through the app/website, there are no text message charges or email charges, so communication through Evisense is FREE.


Safeguarding your child’s information

Storing photos and videos of children is a big responsibility and we take this very seriously. A number of us at B Squared are parents and we understand the concerns parents may have about a company storing their child’s images and information. Security and safeguarding are our highest priority and we have gone above and beyond the current legal requirements for protecting the data we store.


For your peace of mind, the most frequently asked questions we receive about how we protect your child’s information are answered below.





Who can see my child's photos and videos?

Photos and videos can be accessed by the teachers within the school. Your school controls who can access your child's photos, they create links between you and your child, this allows you to see your child's photos. Each parent is provided with their own account to access Evisense. Some photos may include multiple pupils, only the parents of children tagged in these photos can see the photo. If your child is on a child protection list, then your child's photo will not be shared with any parents.

B Squared employees cannot see your photos or videos.

Who is looking after my child's photos and where are they?

B Squared employs a team of people dedicated to managing the servers that run Evisense. Managing the servers ourselves gives improved security. We comply with all data protection laws for each country we operate in. The table below shows where the servers are for each country we operate in.

Country Servers Located In
New Zealand New Zealand


All data is backed up to our disaster recovery sites within the same country at regular intervals throughout the day.

Do teachers have phones full of photos of my child?

Evisense has been designed so that any photo or video taken in the app cannot be accessed outside of the app. The photos cannot be accessed by any other app on the device or accessed by plugging the device into a computer.

Evidence is encrypted and uploaded as soon as it can be. If there is an available internet connection, the evidence is uploaded immediately. If not, it will uploaded when connected to a wireless network. All traffic between the device and our servers is encrypted. The evidence is removed from the device as soon as it has been uploaded.

Some schools and local authorities have strict guidelines on what devices can be used within the school. Evisense allows schools to restrict the devices that can be used by teachers. A school may decide to only allow evidence to be gathered on school-owned devices, giving schools greater control over their safeguarding.

All of this means that teachers do not have mobile devices full of photos of children.

What can I do if I think a photo or video is inappropriate?

Evisense users can report any evidence they feel unsuitable to the school. This is done within the software and has the instant effect of removing the evidence until it has been reviewed by the school and an action decided upon.

I have children in different schools, do I need multiple accounts?

Evisense has been designed so that each person only needs one account. You may be a teacher in one school and a parent of a pupil in a second school or you may have children in different schools. An account is created when you first register and access to other schools is granted to this account. When you next log in it will ask you which school you would like to access. This means that one school cannot access another school's account.

Do B Squared own the photos/videos?

B Squared do not own any of the content uploaded to our servers with Evisense. B Squared are legally known as a "Data Processor" within the UK. This means the ownership of any data remains with the school or establishment using our service. It is the school's obligation to ensure that we are meeting their safeguarding and data protection requirements. When schools sign up to the Evisense service we present them with our terms and conditions which highlight how we meet these requirements. Additional information is available to the school on request. Some social media sites have statements when signing up that state that by using their service they have the right to use your photos. Evisense is a very different system, our security and safeguarding principles mean that no single person at B Squared can access any photos or videos. We cannot access them, therefore we cannot use them.