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  • Recording Evidence

    Record Evidence

    Teaching staff can use the app to capture and upload evidence immediately or use school cameras and other digital equipment - and then upload files via the website. Comments can be added and the evidence can be linked to subjects, attainment levels and assessment points*.

  • Share Evidence

    Share with Others

    Evidence is shared across the school as it is recorded. Parents can view evidence through the app on their mobile device and, if given permission by the school, can comment as well. Evisense makes home-school communication easy and straightforward, increasing parental involvement in a child’s education.

  • Moderate Work

    Moderate Work

    Linking photos, video and other files to curriculum areas and assessment points provides schools with a bank of evidence which they can use to moderate work. Professionals can quickly and easily view work of a similar ability, enabling them to make comparisons and support their academic judgements.


Evisense stores data for thousands of students around the world. For schools to use Evisense they need to trust Evisense. We have designed Evisense to give schools and parents every confidence that both their children and their data are safe. We have worked hard to ensure that Evisense meets all the safeguarding requirements a school, local authority or MAT may have.

Ease of Use

Evisense needs to be easy to use and needs fit in with how a school works. We want Evisense to be used daily by teachers, teaching assistants, students and parents. We realised early on that the easier Evisense is to use, the more it will be used. So, Evisense has been designed to make the process of capturing and showcasing evidence as easy as possible. It has also been designed to be a communication hub, to increase parental engagement with the school.


Schools face many pressures and Evisense needs to make a difference for it to be successful. Evisense is effective at saving time and money. It can also help improve educational outcomes for students by increasing parental engagement and allowing students to reflect on their own learning. Evisense is about making evidence as powerful as possible and empowering its users.

  • >800

    Photos on basic account

  • >60

    minutes video on basic account

  • >11

    Hours of audio on a basic account

  • 250+

    Documents on a basic account

  • 99.9%

    Our up-time guarantee

Samantha Hepworth recommends Evisense

Evisense allows us to centrally store evidence, share good practice, improve whole school approaches to annotation and assessment and track evidence against assessment outcomes. We also believe it will enable us to increase parental engagement by allowing access to parents electronically or through printed reports.

As a leader in the school I am able to easily see the learning and progress occurring in classes. But even more importantly, as a school we can be robust in the collection and recording of progress.”

Samantha Hepworth, Assistant Head, Applefields School, York

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