Our evidence platform, Evisense is designed to provide teachers with a simple and straightforward way to manage evidence securely. It enables you to build a vital bank of evidence that can be used to demonstrate pupils’ progress, moderate work and engage parents.

“Our teachers take photos of a learning activity, then add this evidence directly into the Evisense app. This saves a great deal of time compared with capturing, printing, cutting, sticking and linking evidence in hard copy learning journals as we did in the past. We also save money on ink and paper as we no longer need to print out photos.” 

Yvonne Skillern, Primary Leader, Highfield Ely Academy

Benefits of using Evisense 
  • Easily record and share - photos, videos, audio recordings and documents with our secure and stable platform.
  • Use evidence to show achievement and demonstrate progress - evidence can be linked to skills to show improvements that may otherwise have been hard to demonstrate.
  • Capture the experiences of everyday school life - these can be just as important as academic achievements.
  • Increase parental engagement - by sharing evidence with parents so they can see their children engaging in school life.
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