Evidencing Progress and Boosting Parental Engagement with Evisense

We all know parental engagement has a positive impact on pupil outcomes but how can schools reach out in meaningful ways to help parents actively support their child’s learning and development?

Making communication quick and easy for parents is key! Our NEW Evisense brings together all of your parental communication needs into a single communication hub. Information arrives on a parent’s phone that is easy for them to access, engage with and respond to – boosting parental engagement and improving children’s outcomes. Watch our webinar to find out more…

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The aim of the webinar is to help schools understand all of the features and benefits of Evisense. It takes you through the importance of evidencing and celebrating the progress your pupils make. It shows how to boost parental engagement in a child’s learning, by sharing high quality, valuable information with parents and inviting them to respond and engage with their child’s learning.

Our MD, Dale Pickles demonstrates how to use Evisense to:

  • Record evidence of learning and celebrate the progress pupils make and their achievements.
  • Capture pupil voice and make more use of pupil voice.
  • Boost parental engagement by sharing meaningful information.
  • Share information with parents safely using our 3 parental access methods.
  • Log a child’s reading, or as a home school diary.

Connecting schools and parents

Our NEW Evisense is an evidence and parental communication platform. An easy to use system to capture and share evidence of progress and other information securely. It’s a great way to share with parents what is going on in school and allow schools to see what is being achieved at home.

Capture and share the progress your pupils make

Evisense is a powerful tool for schools to store and showcase events from a child’s time with them. The easy to use app makes it simple to capture photos and videos, add comments, link to assessment content and share with parents.

Simplify communication with parents

Evisense is so much more than an evidence of learning system. It’s also a seamless school-parent communication hub. Featuring a simple easy to use social media style interface, Evisense is a great way to boost parental engagement and improve pupil outcomes. It brings all communication with parents into a single system, including newsletters, home-school diaries, learning evidence and more.


What do Evisense users say?

Over 200 schools are already using Evisense to showcase their pupils’ achievements and demonstrate progress.

St Martin's Primary School logo

Really helps to engage parents

“Using Evisense photos and videos of the children’s progress can be easily and securely shared with parents. This really helps to engage parents in what’s going on at school and supporting their child’s learning at home.” 

Laura Reid / St Martin’s Primary

Shows progress in a relevant and meaningful way

“We can now easily store, filter and use photos and videos of our students’ learning to show achievements and progress in a relevant and meaningful way.”

Lisa Galfredi / Redburn School

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